About Us

Appco UK was established in 1989. Since then, we have grown to become a valued and trusted provider of specialist field marketing and fundraising services to our commercial clients and charity partners.

We believe in an innovative, collaborative and people-driven approach to achieving:

  • a positive impact for our clients
  • development opportunities for our business partners
  • a dynamic and supportive environment for our staff, and
  • sustainable growth for our business

Appco UK: our people

Appco UK is a people business. We don’t say this lightly – our field marketing services are based on people talking to people. And the people at Appco UK are a big part of making that happen.

We are a passionate, hard-working, tea-drinking, caffeine-infused bunch who care about doing the best job possible for our clients and supporting our business partners to do the same. We also make sure we have a bit of fun while we’re doing it.

The teams at Appco UK work together to provide a whole host of services:

  • Client account management
  • Operations and business partner services
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Industry-leading compliance and procedures

Appco UK: our business partners

Appco UK is an expert at designing, planning, managing, executing and analysing field marketing and fundraising campaigns.

Like most companies, we also outsource some services to specialist business partners. Most importantly, we sub-contract marketing companies to conduct the field sales and donor acquisition components of our clients’ campaigns because they are experts in this area and they give us the reach and flexibility to deliver campaigns across the country.

We understand that our business partners and the people they contract are ambassadors for our clients’ brands. That’s why we take responsibility for making sure they receive coaching on every campaign they represent to build their knowledge, hone their skills and spark their passion. We like to get our clients involved in this process too, so that everyone’s in regular, face to face contact.

The result? Our clients’ brands are represented professionally and passionately and every person “we” speak with has a positive field marketing or fundraising experience – whether they decide to ‘sign up’ or not.

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