Month: January 2016

BLOG: Five benefits of being a brand ambassador

Whether you’re a new brand ambassador (or field representative), or have chalked up a bit of experience, there might be aspects to the role that you’ve never considered. To give you a fuller picture of what it’s really like to represent clients’ products, services and charity campaigns through door-to-door sales and fundraising, here’s a reminder of just […]

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BLOG: Understanding the power of the Human Commercial™

The concept of the Human Commercial™ has changed the face-to-face sales industry forever. Developed by Appco Group chairman and founder Chris Niarchos, it represents a fresh approach to direct marketing that focuses on delivering highly tailored messages that resonate with individual consumers. Here, we take a look at the technique and its benefits for companies. […]

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BLOG: 5 reasons why market research matters

It may be tempting to cut back on or even completely forgo market research, especially if you’re focussed on keeping your business costs down. However, this approach can be a big mistake. The simple fact is, market research matters – and here are five reasons why. 1. Market research helps you hone your offerings Firstly, […]

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