Month: May 2017

007 agent talking in his shoe phone

BLOG: Get smart! Is your business mobile friendly?

It’s easy to see how mobile web browsing has become more and more popular. Look around any packed train, lift or shopping centre and you’ll see a majority of people scrolling through their phones, checking Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube –the list goes on – reading emails and searching for the best macchiato in the vicinity. […]

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millennials working in front on high tech devices

BLOG: Three Millennial entrepreneurs making a serious impact

From Adidas to Visa and DHL to Microsoft – big brands are paying attention to today’s entrepreneur. Appco UK takes a look at three of the brightest (and youngest) sparks in business and looks at the new age of innovation. Appco UK encourages the ambitious spirit of entrepreneurs and celebrates business leadership among independent marketing professionals […]

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BLOG: Inside Appco UK: The Business Analyst

Appco UK has a whole host of people working to support our business and deliver our services. Each month we sit down with one of them to find out a little more about what they do. This month it’s Business Analyst, Noah Lal. With his Appco UK career spanning over a decade, Noah Lal has […]

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