BLOG: Blast from the past: photos from the Appco UK office

This week we decided to give the Appco UK stock rooms a little clean, and to our surprise, we came across a lovely little bit of memorabilia. We thought we would share with you how Appco UK looked 16 years ago and how far we have come since then.

With a vision to create an inspirational workspace we turned what you might consider drab, into a work of art. We wanted a space that would motivate the team to learn, develop and grow, so, we did just that.  We painted the central pillars red, not only to match the Appco UK branding but also to continue to add vibrancy and a dynamic atmosphere.

Giving our team space to clear their minds, socialise and eat (!) is important. Appco Group chairman Chris Niarchos once wrote in a blog that it’s important to promote clear communication in the workplace to keep everyone motivated and informed.

He obviously felt the same way 16 years ago when we turned this unused area into a breakout area and kitchen. At Appco UK we believe in working together to achieve the greatest results – whether that’s with colleagues in this office, the people in our independent marketing network, or our clients – so an area where we can do just that is a major advantage.

The genius who thought, back then, that having a flowing workspace to encourage creativity would be a good idea deserves a medal!

They were right!