Appco UK 2018 team

BLOG: Appco UK’s 2018 in review

Appco UK 2018 teamThe new year might be well under way, but here at Appco UK, we’re reflecting on the achievements and changes that happened in 2018, which have set us up for further success in 2019.

In March, we updated the Appco UK brand, so that it better reflects who we are and our innovative approach to fundraising. We’ve had a steady stream of highlights since then.

From introducing new technology and bringing in new clients, to extending our reach and ensuring the fundraisers who represent our clients are continually learning and motivated, 2018 was definitely a busy and challenging year for Appco UK.

Collaboration and development

Over the last year, we’ve put an even greater focus on close collaboration with our charity clients so we can deliver the most effective campaigns possible that resonate more clearly with donors.

We’ve also set up opportunities for the fundraisers we work with to get first-hand experience of the charities in action. This included taking part in Red Cross First Aid training, visiting Breast Cancer Now laboratories and seeing the  Battersea Dogs & Cats Home team in action. It helps to encourage motivated and professional fundraisers, and show them just how crucial the work is that they are doing.


As well as bringing in new clients, we’ve also expanded across the country, with new business partners helping us to extend our services from Aberdeen to Plymouth.

We’ve looked at and introduced new opportunities to reach the public and attract donors – private site fundraising now makes up 50 percent of our overall donor volume!

An eye on innovation

While our core business and the services we provide have not changed, we are always looking to adapt and improve to ensure we are delivering the best results for our clients.

We’re using new iPad technology to make sure our conversations with donors are even more engaging and informative, and the sign-up experiences is even more secure. Our new fundraising technology is also helping to ensure we continue to be fully compliant with fundraising sector requirements.

Compliance is crucial

Having started preparation in 2017 for General Data Protection Regulation changes, Appco UK was up to date and ready for when the new laws came into effect.

Similarly, we have worked to stay ahead of the game where changes to fundraising sector regulations were concerned.

Appco UK has always worked closely with its sub-contracted marketing companies to ensure that only the best fundraisers represent our clients, and that was stepped up again last year.

As well as running workshops for fundraisers to ensure a complete understanding of compliance issues, we’ve also introduced more product training, mystery shopping and regular charity and compliance iPad quizzes.

Looking ahead

The work we did last year means we are starting 2019 in a very strong position.

As always, our goal is to continue to adapt and improve our services. We’re committed to supporting the development of professional, motivated and passionate fundraisers and to tailoring our campaigns to reach the people in a meaningful way. In this way, we can continue to help our clients attract the regular-giving donors they need to deliver their programmes.