BLOG: Could face-to-face sales help you gain confidence?

Many people think that to even enter the field of face-to-face sales in the first place, you have to be bursting with confidence. The truth is, this career path can suit a range of personality types and many people find that their experiences in these roles help them to become more outgoing and self-assured. Here are just some of the ways in which face-to-face sales can help you gain confidence.

Strengthening your communication skills

Unlike typical desk jobs, where you can find yourself staring at a computer screen for hours on end, face-to-face sales roles give you the chance to communicate with a wide range of people on any given day. For example, if you become a self-employed brand ambassador within the Appco network, you’ll spend a large part of your days out in the field speaking to potential customers or donors.

You’ll also benefit from having access to customer service coaching on each campaign you work on, and you’ll be able to take advantage of career mentoring. We’re committed to providing the self-employed sales and fundraising specialists in our network with opportunities to enhance their skills and increase their confidence. This principle applies around the world. Highlighting this fact, Upskill People have provided Appco Group Asia with a range of effective online learning tools to help brand ambassadors hone their abilities.

The support we offer means that even if you haven’t had much experience in customer-facing roles before, you’ll quickly become an expert in effective communication – and this could work wonders when it comes to raising your self-confidence. It’s also a skill that will benefit you in any future roles you take on.

Being around ambitious people

A group of face-to-face marketers in the Appco Group network
A group of face-to-face marketers in the Appco Group network

Working in sales, you’ll also get to spend time around talented and driven individuals. Seeing how far the right attitude and some self-belief can take you is likely to feed your own ambition and help you to develop your own positive approach to your career and your goals.

No one in sales can claim a 100 per cent success rate, but the feeling you get when you connect with a customer and achieve a sale can be empowering and motivating. The buzz you get from these achievements can help you overcome any doubts you may initially have about your abilities and spur you onto further successes in the future. It can also make you feel more confident and positive in other areas of your life.

Find out more

If you think a career in face-to-face sales could be an effective way to raise your confidence and you’d like to find out more about the opportunities available through our network, take a look around our website. You can also get in touch with us by phone or email for further information.