BLOG: How Game of Thrones thinking can help your business (really)

It might seem like we’re drawing a long bow, but if you think just slightly ‘outside the box’ (which is what good business and professional marketing is about), we think Game of Thrones’ success can be applied beyond the seven kingdoms.

The hit television series is now in its eighth and final season after making its debut in 2011. GoT has proven to be a continuing and growing success since then, with the current season premier on April 14 pulling in 17.4 million viewers and setting a new record for the series.

So, let’s focus on that longevity, how it has managed to maintain its audience’s interest – and, of course, how we can strive to do the same in business. There is obviously no one way to stay the course, but there are definitely some common factors that help.

Think innovation

Just like plot shocks and twists in a storyline, thinking innovatively in business will help a company stay fresh.

Certain strategies might be highly successful for a period, but that doesn’t mean they will be forever. Learning to think outside the box and being prepared to step in a new direction will prevent a business from getting left behind and keep people interested in what you have to offer.

It might be a brand refresh, or presenting your product in a new way or encouraging team members to role swap to learn and stay challenged, keeping your story fresh and interesting for clients, customers and colleagues is a great way to keep people hooked.

Always improving

As much as anything, continual improvement is a mindset. Rather than settling for ‘good’, let’s think ‘how can we be better’?

Between 2012 and 2015, the average budget per GoT episode increased from $US6 million to $US8 million. And the sixth-season budget was more than $US10 million per episode.

We’re not saying that budget is everything, but in the case of GoT it shows us how the people behind the series invested to grow bigger and better, and backed themselves to do so.

The same mentality should apply in business – the more you put in and trust in your abilities, the more you get out.

A long-term vision

GoT has been constantly building towards an ultimate climax – it’s the major reason people keep coming back. Will the dead be defeated? Who among the living will actually survive? Who is going claim the Iron Throne? Who’s going to end up with Jon Snow?

Having a long-term goal for your business means you are working towards a specific outcome, and it is an important way to keep on track. It not only gives you that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it also sets out a clear path and ‘story’ your entire team, as well as customers and those who trust in your services, can follow.

So, keeping your service offer and company story interesting and relevant, having confidence in your expertise and working towards an ultimate vision are not only some of the keys to GoT’s TV domination, they can also be tools to help your business grown and succeed. In the meantime, being on episode 4!