BLOG: How to communicate your vision

Being successful in business and inspiring others to believe in (or buy into) your brand isn’t just about having great ideas; it’s also about communicating a clear and compelling vision. For almost 30 years, Appco UK has helped its clients to build their brands through personalised conversations, so we know a thing or two about informing and motivating people with powerful messages.

Picture of staff members talking
Appco UK helps its clients communicate their vision through personalised conversations.

Here are some of our pointers to help you inspire your customers to believe in your vision and join you on your company’s journey.

Enthuse, don’t just inform

One man who fully understood the power of effective communication was the late Steve Jobs. The Apple co-founder was renowned across the world for his ability to generate excitement about new products. He didn’t just predict the future of technology, he also played an instrumental role in shaping it.

One of Jobs’ key strengths was his ability to convey his passion for the products he was promoting. He turned the launches of new Apple products into hotly anticipated events and transfixed audiences with his enthusiasm.

The key point to take from Jobs is that when you’re engaging with an audience, it’s essential that you enthuse as well as inform. This is something Appco UK puts into practice every day for our clients. We believe that getting the facts across is crucial, but

it’s equally important to motivate and connect with your listeners. It’s not just what you say, body language, eye contact and tone of voice all play a role.

Be as clear as possible

To connect with people and persuade them that your vision is worth following, you’ll need to think carefully about the words you use. When planning speeches, consider who you’ll be addressing and ask yourself what kind of language will resonate with them.

While certain concepts and words might be used regularly in management circles, they may not be appropriate for a more mixed audience. Where possible, avoid jargon and be as clear and concise as possible. This will help ensure that the strength of your message shines through and isn’t lost in translation.

Reinforce your message with actions

Whether it’s giving a great speech or creating a powerful mission statement, getting your vision ‘out there’ is crucial. For your message to really resonate, you’ll need to continue to reinforce it. This means staying true to your ideals in the way you act.

If you’re seen saying one thing and doing another, your message could rapidly lose impact and authenticity. In contrast, if your colleagues, contractors, support network, investors and customers can see that you really mean what you say, they’re much more likely to be inspired by your vision.

This should apply to everyone who represents your business. It’s vital that everyone connected to your brand can convey your message consistently. That’s why at Appco UK we ensure all of the brand ambassadors who represent our clients receive specific training on the brands, products and causes they promote.