BLOG: INSIDE APPCO UK: Meet the Fundraising team member who cares for our clients

Client Relationship Manager Casey GaddessClient Relationship Manager Casey Gaddess believes she probably has one of the best roles at Appco UK. Here, she tells us why, and gives us an insight into what the job entails.

 As a key point of contact for Appco UK’s charity clients and business partners (who contract fundraisers), Casey’s role requires her to adapt quickly to new campaigns and causes and ensure that we deliver results.

“It’s hard to say what my day-to-day routine at the office is because it really does change constantly. However, my core role is liaising between each charity and the business partners that Appco UK contracts to deliver face-to-face fundraising for our campaigns,” Casey says.

That can be anything from relaying feedback from fundraisers to the client, to collaborating with our business partners to find the best way to get a charity’s message across as effectively and meaningfully as possible.

“Helping our business partners learn more about the charities is another part of my job, so I organise educational visits for fundraisers to our charities’ animal centres, hospitals or research centres – and sometimes I’m lucky enough to go along!”

It’s a busy job and Casey says some days go so fast she barely has time for her crucial morning cup of very strong coffee, but she never gets tired of seeing great results at the end of a campaign.

“It’s pretty amazing seeing the work that charities can do as a result of the funds generated and awareness raised through our campaigns. My role allows me to see how the hard work put in by Appco UK staff, our business partners and, of course, the fundraisers pays off. It’s definitely the most rewarding part of the job.”

 So how does she switch off after work? “Generally, it’s getting together with friends. I can usually be found grabbing an IPA in a beer garden in South London!”

Travel isn’t off the cards either. Having left her home in Canada to move to the UK, international adventures are a major part of Casey’s life. She’s already planned a skiing trip to Bulgaria and a visit back home this year.

A return to Paris might well be on her travel radar too, with the Louvre being Casey’s choice of building to be trapped in overnight: “I lived in France for a year and each time I went to the museum I found something new.”

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