BLOG: Love is in the air…?

Valentine’s Day stirs up strong emotions in people – and it’s not always the feelings you might expect.

You might think it’s the most romantic day of the year. The red roses and chocolates are ordered, champagne is on ice and you’ve had your dinner reservation locked in since November.

Or you might be vehemently opposed to Valentine’s Day, seeing it as a shameless commercial gimmick designed to guilt us into paying over the odds for limp carnations, cheesy cards and average set menus.

Then again, February 14 might just be Thursday and you’re looking forward to your regular gym session and a night in watching TV.

We believe every day is a good day to show some love and we’ve decided to enter into the spirit of things today by sharing five things to love about Appco UK!

1. Marketing with a personal touch

Appco UK’s marketing expertise are based on our ability to establish personal connections.

Multi-media marketing campaigns certainly have their benefits, but they usually place a computer, television or phone screen between you and your customers, whereas the ambassadors that represent our clients meet people face to face.

They don’t just pass on a single message, they learn about your brand, spend time with your staff and become passionate about your product or cause so they can tailor your messages to every potential customer they speak to.

2. Incredible clients

From crucial health research to animal protection, Appco UK is lucky to work with a range of charities and organisations doing amazing work to make the world a better place.

It’s always satisfying to see the results of your hard work come to life, but when that hard work helps sick children and their families, people in crisis, veterans, or animals in need, it feels all the more special.

Appco UK’s clients are definitely one of the most rewarding aspects of the work we do.

3. Brilliant business partners

We work with a number of expert business partners who help us to deliver the best-possible services to our clients.

Our partner marketing companies are dedicated to professional face-to-face marketing and they contract exceptional brand ambassadors, who in turn do a remarkable job representing Appco UK’s clients.

Their expertise in field marketing means we can focus on planning and monitoring our clients’ campaigns and, of course, supporting our partners to develop an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses.

4. Our experts and experience

Here at Appco UK, we have been providing professional face-to-face fundraising and marketing services since 1989.

In that time, we have worked with an impressive list of charity and commercial clients, expanded and refined our skills and developed our wonderful team of experts.

Thirty years on, the industry has changed significantly and we continue to adapt and improve right along with it. We still have the same passion for what we do and the valued clients we serve. 

5. Our office toaster

Finally, let’s give it up for this gem of a colleague. It never gives up, and always does what is asked of it and more (we haven’t even cranked the cooking time up to the max yet!).

Basically, Office Toaster is a metaphor for our company: hardworking, reliable, provides for the whole team, goes the extra mile and constantly supports everyone working around him. You’ve got to love that.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.