BLOG: INSIDE APPCO UK: Meet our man in charge of quality

Photo of Oli Parsons
Oli says his role as quality assurance manager is “genuinely rewarding”.

He says the state of his desk shows that he’s “on the ball”, he can often be found on the couch watching Everybody Loves Raymond, and he’s pretty sure he and the Queen could be buddies. Fortunately, none of this has an impact on Oli Parsons’ expertise as Appco UK’s quality assurance manager.

As quality assurance manager, Oli is responsible for making sure brand ambassadors represent our clients and interact with members of the public in a positive, respectful and compliant way.

A part of the role involves addressing any queries or concerns clients or customers have, so Oli has to know our business and policies, our clients’ campaigns and sector regulations inside-out. It’s an aspect of the job he says is genuinely rewarding.

“There’s a real satisfaction in resolving those queries, and making sure everyone comes out of the situation happy and better informed. It’s also a great job in terms of career progression because you’re dealing with new situations and different people every day so you’re constantly learning new skills.”

Speaking of skills, Oli’s career background is somewhat unexpected. He studied architecture and interior design before landing in a customer-service role with an insurance company and heading off down an entirely new path.

Nine years ago, this path led him to Appco UK, where he diligently does not apply any of his architecture and interior design skills to his own workspace. Oli agrees some people might think his desk is a mess, but maintains it’s actually “organised chaos”.

“I think it underlines the fact that I’m daring, sophisticated and on the ball.”

As far as switching off after work, Oli admits that Everybody Loves Raymond was the last TV series he sat down to watch and The Last Fighting Tommy: The Life of Harry Patch, Last Veteran of the Trenches, 1898-2009 is his most recent read. And when asked which building he’d choose to be locked in overnight, Oli is quite clear: “Buckingham Palace because I like the Queen. We’d get on well.”