BLOG: Who really benefits from great customer service?

For Appco UK, making sure that a customer receives the best-possible service is an unwavering focus. But it’s not just about treating a customer well because we should; having great customer service also has a big impact on our clients and Appco UK itself.

The lasting impression a business makes doesn’t just help a customer decide to choose you in the first place, it also determines whether they stay with you, and how they speak about you to others.

With face-to-face sales, there is an obvious advantage in dealing with people directly. The personal interaction enables brand ambassadors to gauge reactions in real time and relate to people in the appropriate way.

Customer feedback is crucial

The brand ambassadors who represent Appco UK’s clients are contracted to specialist marketing companies, which work with us to ensure every representative is trained to meet client expectations and industry standards before speaking with members of the public.

Appco UK also has a dedicated team to ensure that we deliver quality customer service beyond that initial interaction.

Our customer service team makes welcome calls to the majority of customers who sign up, giving them the chance to pass on feedback about their experience.

The welcome call also gives our customer service team the opportunity to identify anyone who might not be 100 percent clear about what they’ve signed up for, answer any follow-up questions and pass feedback on to the brand ambassador they spoke with.

Appco UK Quality Assurance Manager Oliver Parsons
Appco UK’s Oliver Parsons says great customer services benefits our clients and our business, as well as customers.

The key to continuous improvement

Appco UK Quality Assurance Manager Oliver Parsons says having a thorough customer service system is great for customers, but is also beneficial for Appco UK and our clients.

“It allows us deliver on three fronts. For a customer, they’re being treated well, getting all the information they need, and having the opportunity to raise issues if they have any,” he says.

“For clients, they can have confidence that they are being represented by the best people possible. They know that those people are being well trained on their product and brand and they can assess that directly with the feedback the customer service team gathers.

“And finally, for us at Appco UK, being able to monitor how we operate means that we can continue to improve the service we offer. We’re able to see where brand ambassadors are going strong, where improvements can be made, and if there are any issues we can fix them straight away.”

The benefits to customers of great customer service are enough to convince us that it must be a vital part of every campaign we run. But the invaluable information it also provides our clients and our own teams at Appco UK allows us to continue to enhance our services and the results we deliver.