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BLOG: Who really benefits from great customer service?

For Appco UK, making sure that a customer receives the best-possible service is an unwavering focus. But it’s not just about treating a customer well because we should; having great customer service also has a big impact on our clients and Appco UK itself. The lasting impression a business makes doesn’t just help a customer […]

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BLOG: Brexit – a marketing lesson in what NOT to do

As Britain prepares to leave the EU – and the fraught negotiations and in-fighting continue – we can’t help but think there has to be something we can learn from the mess that is Brexit. You can’t switch on the TV, open a newspaper, or even turn the corner at the moment without hearing about […]

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BLOG: How to communicate your vision

Being successful in business and inspiring others to believe in (or buy into) your brand isn’t just about having great ideas; it’s also about communicating a clear and compelling vision. For almost 30 years, Appco UK has helped its clients to build their brands through personalised conversations, so we know a thing or two about […]

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BLOG: Why being a good sport is good for tennis – and business

Rafael Nadal’s grace in defeat after an epic Wimbledon battle with Gilles Muller last night got us thinking about how being a good sport is not only an admired quality in tennis heroes, it’s also particularly relevant in business. This year’s tournament has seen a couple of early-round incidents of poor sportsmanship, which have highlighted […]

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Riut backpack skills

BLOG: Riut: young entrepreneur goes pack to basics

Riut founder Sarah Giblin may not be a household name – yet. But, by harnessing the skills and work ethic acquired in a corporate role, and adding a whole lot of her own innovation, she was able to build a company worth £1million in just three years. Regardless of your current role or career history, […]

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J K Rowling

BLOG: How J.K. Rowling built a legacy worth over £20billion

In 1997, Joanne Rowling was like many fledgling entrepreneurs: financially strapped but with a brilliant idea. Today, she is celebrating 20 years of becoming one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in history. Those looking for inspiration in direct sales or business ownership can learn a great deal from J.K. Rowling.   Appco UK looks at […]

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