Two colleagues discussing a document

BLOG: FACT – great recruitment is essential for business success

Two colleagues discussing a document
Appco UK relies on great recruitment to hire experts who enhance our company culture.

There are many key elements to creating a successful business but establishing a solid recruitment process is one of the most fundamental.

Many entrepreneurs build their company to a certain point by themselves but get stuck as they struggle to find time to keep things running while trying to expand – or even just maintain the status quo.

To reach beyond that point, it’s essential to have a team in place that can reliably take care of the day-to-day workings of your company so, as a business owner, you can focus on the future.

More than that, good recruitment will bring a mix of voices into play to give fresh perspectives and new ideas. You want to create a team that doesn’t just help you maintain your current level of success, but who will also help drive your business forward.

It’s not an easy job, focusing on who you’re recruiting, how often you recruit – and how you “on-board” and continue to inspire people takes time and effort – but done well, it reaps huge rewards for your business.

Recruitment is something Appco UK’s business partners know a lot about. We outsource some services to specialist marketing companies, which conduct the face-to-face marketing activity on our behalf.

These companies recruit the fantastic brand ambassadors who represent our clients’ brands. It’s imperative that our business partners recruit passionate, motivated and professional people, so we asked them for some recruitment tips that can be applied to any business.

Set your expectations from the outset.

Do you expect people to focus on a specific job, juggle several responsibilities or operate as a team-player? We’re a small team here at Appco UK and, while many of us are experts in certain aspects of the service we provide, we are all knowledgeable about the business as a whole and ready to support our colleagues when they need it. This is a fundamental aspect of our team culture so it’s important the people who join us are comfortable with that.

Define the job that needs to be done.

Having a clear idea of the position you need to fill is a key part of the process. Rather than simply acknowledging that you need more time, figure out exactly what you need the new person to do. Being clear in your mind, and with them, about the gap they are stepping into will help ensure they are motivated to deliver the results you desire.

What skills and experience do they need?

Once you’ve decided on the job specification, you need to know what level you are recruiting for. Consider the skill-set and experience this person needs to bring to the table, and what amount of training and/or mentoring you are able to invest in them.

What other traits are you looking for?

Looking beyond a CV at personal characteristics is another big part of recruitment. For entrepreneurial companies, traits such as adaptability and flexibility are particularly useful. For sales positions, maybe you want someone with a competitive streak or lots of energy. Perhaps you’re looking for someone who will unite a team, so a proven record of being a leader is probably what you’re after.

Obviously, a person needs to be able to do the job required, but it’s also important that they bring value to the team as a whole. By filling your business with people who are clear about what their role is, what your expectations of them are, and who work together well, you not only make your business more productive, you also inspire a sense of loyalty and a collective desire to drive your business to success.