Customer acquisition campaigns

“From the moment we first engaged with Appco UK it’s been a really positive journey. The energy and enthusiasm they share for our brand has been all encompassing, providing a safe, reliable and excellent customer experience throughout the operational sales process. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them as a trusted business partner.”

Phil Foster – Managing Director,

Appco UK has run successful customer acquisition campaigns for major telcos, energy providers, financial institutions, food-delivery companies, young start-ups and established household names.

Appco UK runs successful field-marketing and customer-acquisition campaigns for major telcos, energy providers, financial institutions, food-delivery companies, young start-ups and established household names.

We started, back in 1989, with one commercial client who wanted to find customers who would not only make an immediate purchase, but who would also be inspired to stay loyal to their brand.

Our solution: learn our client’s product inside-out, go out and talk to people face to face, explain the product, answer questions about it and find out what people wanted from it so that each ‘personal advert’ could be tailored to each potential customer. It worked for that first client, and it has worked for hundreds more since then.

Committed to customer quality

Our team spends time with every client to understand their business and their products and it’s this commitment – along with our passion for helping them to grow – that has helped us to acquire thousands of new customers for them.

We pass this knowledge and commitment on to the brand ambassadors who represent our clients. Every ambassador is fully trained on the companies and products they are representing before they start on a campaign.

This not only makes them experts on your brand, but also means they are passionate living, breathing, walking, talking and interactive advertisements for it.

The result: your customers are engaged in enjoyable, informative and personalised conversations about your product, given all the vital information they need to make the ‘right’ purchasing decision for them and walk away with a memorable experience of your brand.

Why does face-to-face customer acquisition work?

There’s space for a range of marketing methods in most businesses’ arsenals – each method can achieve slightly different results in different ways.

In almost every sector, brands are competing for market share and that means gaining (and keeping) their target customers’ collective attention. Everyone can (and, in most cases, should) have a combination of a solid digital marketing strategy, print ad plan and – depending on your size – on-trend TV/radio ad campaign.

However, none of these methods put a living, breathing, walking, talking face of your brand in front of each of your customers. But we do.

The Appco UK team and the brand ambassadors who represent our clients are so well versed on their products and so engaging to speak to that it’s very hard to fast forward through the conversation, switch to a different one, or nip off to make a cup of tea!