Professional field marketing

Believe it or not, we do still like talking to humans! Field marketing (also called direct marketing) is about people talking to people and it continues to help create lasting personal connections between brands and people.

For us here at Appco UK, it’s first and foremost about building strong relationships with our clients so that we understand their business, brand, product and/or cause. We can’t deliver a successful campaign without an in-depth knowledge of each client, what they do and what they want to achieve.

Why businesses continue to use field marketing

Field marketing is the most personal form of marketing there is because it takes place via a face-to-face conversation between a potential customer or donor and the person representing the product, service or cause (we call them brand ambassadors).

These conversations may take place in shopping centres, at special events, at your office or on your front doorstep.

With marketing options getting more and more digital and high-tech by the day, you could be forgiven for thinking field marketing is outdated.

But actually, the increase in digital marketing methods – which definitely have their place – has also increased the need for more personal interactions. That’s where we come in. Appco UK’s customer acquisition and fundraising campaigns quite literally put a face to our clients’ brands and present their products or causes in a way that’s meaningful and tailored to each new customer or donor.

We have been delivering field marketing campaigns for almost 30 years and we are proud that our clients choose to partner with us year after year because we deliver a responsible, valuable service that benefits their business, brand or cause.