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Fundraising & Donor Acquisition

Fundraising & Donor Acquisition

Inspiring people to give

Where Appco UK comes in

Charities rely on fundraising to secure donations to deliver their programmes. The more regular these donations are, the more effectively charities can plan and budget in advance. To do this, they must engage committed, long-term donors and generate regular funds in the most effective and interactive way possible. Monthly giving programmes achieve that objective while raising brand awareness on a national level. That’s where Appco UK comes in.

Appco Face to Face Donor Acquisition

Face-to-Face Donor Acquisition

We provide a range of face-to-face donor acquisition programmes residentially and at private sites and manage telephone donor engagement programmes, focused on signing regular-giving donors, charity lottery players and raising brand awareness. Regular, ongoing support is vital to charities, helping them plan their programmes in advance and fund them over the long term.

Why professional face-to-face fundraising works:

We are dedicated to securing reliable on-going funds for our charity partners so they can focus on planning and delivering their vital services.

Charities continue to choose Appco UK to conduct their face-to-face campaigns ­because we deliver results, we believe what we do makes a difference and we believe in doing it well.

Making change possible

Long-term donors, maximum value for charities

The fundraising campaigns we deliver are focused on signing up long-term, regular-giving donors.

The longer a donor gives, the more cost effective the campaign becomes for the charity. The donors we sign up generously give on a monthly basis for an average of 3 to 5 years, which means our fundraising campaigns generate incredibly high returns on investment over the life of each donor.

Highest quality, lowest attrition

We believe that professional, respectful conversations are a powerful way to connect

people to a cause. It’s also the best way to ensure we acquire committed, informed

donors who, on average, continue to donate to the charity longer than those acquired

by any other provider in the sector. 

Lottery fundraising campaigns

Our lotteries service allows charities to promote their causes, raise awareness of their

work and generate funds via subscription lotteries with weekly or monthly prize draws.

We have run successful lottery campaigns for a number of charities, since

2011, raising much needed funds for a range of great causes.

Fundraising standards

Appco UK believes that positive face-to-face fundraising benefits charities and the people

who donate to them, and we want to help improve and protect this method for all. That’s why we support a

variety of actions designed to improve fundraising standards and that ensure donors stay

happy and fundraising continues to provide for those in need.

Appco - Making change possible


We're proud of the positive impact we create for our clients.


Amy Klein 
Acquisition Direct Marketing Manager. Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity

“Every member of the team demonstrates a passion for our business; they work incredibly hard, collaborating expertly across different teams here in the charity, including Database Support, Supporter Care, Training and Quality Control and Governance.”

Business Conference

Maddy Eastwood
Senior Direct Marketing Manager, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

“Battersea Dogs & Cats Home have worked with Appco UK since 2011 and, through our partnership with them, have raised millions of pounds. Appco UK's commitment to quality and compliance results in fundraisers who are true professionals, great ambassadors for the charity and recruit the highest quality donors to give us long-term support.”

Business Meeting

Matthew Jupe, Senior Direct Marketing Manager, Alzheimer’s Research UK

“Alzheimer’s Research UK have been working with Appco UK since 2016 and, in that time, the relationship and fundraising has gone from strength to strength. Their fundraising is of the highest quality; resulting in some of the best retention I’ve seen. We’ve been able to grow our fundraising and fund more vital research than ever this year and it’s because of partners like Appco UK – and the people [the fundraisers] have great conversations with – that this is able to happen.”

Get in Touch

Want to find out more about Fundraising & Donor Acquisition? We’re the experts in great conversations, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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