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BLOG: 20,000 more people working in direct sales in the UK

The number of people working in direct sales in the UK has risen by 20,000 according to a report from the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

According to the DSA, the UK has seen a steady increase in direct selling since 2009. Their latest research also shows that the number of people carrying out direct selling on a self-employed basis has risen to over 400,000 – with 62% using their sales role to top-up their current income.

Lynda Mills, Director General of the DSA, says: “There has recently been a surge in the number of those becoming direct sellers. Sixty-two per cent of the UK’s 400,000 direct sellers have another job, which means that direct selling is the ideal choice for those who want to design their own career or supplement their income.”

The rise follows a recent surge in the number of people over the age of 50 who are turning to direct sales as a way to supplement their pension.

Appco UK is a member of the DSA and is committed to responsible direct sales. We provide opportunities for hundreds of self-employed direct salespeople to represent our clients’ brands and promote their products, services and causes.

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