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BLOG: 3 essentials for a successful field marketing campaign

In an era of impersonal, web-based communications, face-to-face field marketing campaigns have the power to really stand out. They provide companies with the perfect opportunity to engage with consumers on an individual level and to make personal and memorable connections with them. But there is an art to getting field marketing right. To achieve the best possible results, it’s important to ensure your campaign has the following three essential features.

1. A clear strategy

A clearly defined strategy is a must – and this should be in place from the outset of your campaign. If you start knocking on doors or engaging with your target audience at events or on the street before you have formulated a proper plan, you risk wasting your time and money. Your strategy should specify your sales targets, the schedule you are working to, the techniques you intend to use and the methods you will employ to evaluate the success of your campaign. Clarifying these points at the start should help you to focus your efforts and use your resources in the most efficient ways.

2. Knowledgeable, skilled representatives

No field marketing campaign can succeed without the involvement of knowledgeable, highly skilled face-to-face sales representatives. At Appco, we’re well aware of the crucial role that these professionals play in engaging with potential customers. That’s why the specialists who promote our clients’ products, services and brands receive ongoing product coaching.

This commitment to providing thorough and effective training extends to all Appco countries. For example, Appco Group Asia used Upskill People to improve the knowledge and skills of the field representatives operating on behalf of its clients. Upskill People has provided Appco Group Asia with a range of online learning tools designed to ensure its sales specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the campaigns they are involved in.

By making sure that the field representatives who take part in your campaign are of the highest quality, you can be confident that they will serve as effective brand ambassadors and achieve impressive results.

3. A cost-effective model

Working within your marketing budget and making sure you benefit from the best possible return on your investment will be key to the success of your campaign. So, when you’re assessing your options, it’s vital that you consider cost-effectiveness. To help make sure that our clients benefit from an impressive ROI, we run a performance-based model that ensures they only pay for the results that we actually deliver. This gives our clients added confidence that they are targeting their resources as efficiently as possible – and that every penny they spend is measurable.

Planning a field marketing campaign can be a daunting prospect. After all, the stakes are high. If you succeed, you stand to boost your customer base, your sales and your bottom line. But if you fall short, you could end up wasting money. To help maximise the success of your next campaign, it is worth ensuring that it features the three elements covered here. A well-planned campaign, that includes the use of skilled and knowledgeable sales representatives and guarantees ROI will give you an excellent chance of achieving the results you are after.

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