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BLOG: Why conversation is the best way to reach people


Appco UK, our whole business is based around conversations. We understand the importance of communicating well when trying to promote a particular product or service, and we know that having a conversation is the best way to make sure our message resounds with each person we speak to.

Mass media marketing can give you big audiences, but the difference with conversation is that it opens a two-way platform and enables you to tailor your message to each person and create that all-important connection with your customers and donors.

As face-to-face marketing experts, Appco UK knows the best ways to engage people on a personal level. We have honest conversations with potential customers and donors because we genuinely care about them and the causes we represent.

Here are a few things we think everyone should know about conversations…

Listening, not just talking

Ever been stuck in that situation where someone rants at you while you nod along and look around for an escape route? One-sided conversations are not fun!

Active listening in a conversation is often just as important as what you actually say. By truly focusing when someone else is talking, you can develop rapport with the person, pick up on not just what they say but how they say it, and avoid misunderstandings.

Stay engaged by maintaining eye contact, and avoid interrupting and/or getting distracted by planning what you are going to say next. Be genuinely interested because otherwise you might miss out – everyone’s different, and has something unique to contribute to a conversation.

Conversation beyond words

Non-verbal communication is also a key part of a conversation, and something that will contribute to how much you get out of it. Whether it’s paying attention to how you come across, or picking up on body language from the person you are speaking to, you need to be aware of the conversation beyond the words.

Your posture can play a big part in how comfortably a conversation flows – crossed arms or legs can make you look defensive, while leaning forward slightly (but not too much!) can show that you’re listening.

You can also learn a lot from facial expressions and tone of voice. Often gauging a person’s interest level and understanding comes down to these non-verbal cues, which are not things you can easily identify when you’re not face to face.

The chance to answer questions

When it comes to face-to-face marketing, the chance for customers and potential customers to ask questions is priceless.

There are many misconceptions about charities, but a one-on-one conversation gives people the opportunity to get straight answers about any concerns they might have.

We find it invaluable because people can raise points directly with representatives who have the background knowledge to provide detailed answers and give your brand personality.

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