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BLOG: 5 reasons why market research matters

It may be tempting to cut back on or even completely forgo market research, especially if you’re focussed on keeping your business costs down. However, this approach can be a big mistake. The simple fact is, market research matters – and here are five reasons why.

1. Market research helps you hone your offerings

Firstly, gathering information from your target audience can be one of the most effective ways of honing your products or services. It can help you to identify any flaws in your existing ideas, and discover ways to improve them. Ultimately, this should help you to maximise your sales and enhance your overall success.

2. Market research reduces risk

There is almost always an element of risk involved in business, especially when you’re launching new products or services. You could end up investing your time and money in developing an idea that your target audience simply doesn’t respond to. However, thorough and methodical research can minimise this risk. By gathering information about your market and by testing your offerings on potential customers from an early stage, you should find it much easier to identify and rectify any problems that could jeopardise your business’s future. The sooner you discover any issues, the less money you stand to waste.

3. Market research puts consumers front and centre

It’s easy to fall into the trap of focussing too much on the internal politics and plans of your organisation and to lose sight of what really matters – your customers. Engaging in regular consumer research is a useful way to keep your company on the right track and to make sure that the goods or services you are providing really meet a need and fulfil customers’ expectations.

4. Market research gives your marketing an edge

By ensuring you are always in the loop when it comes to the needs, preferences and desires of consumers, you can have confidence that your promotional messages will really hit home. You should be better able to effectively tailor everything from your social media campaigns to your sales presentations. As a member of the Direct Marketing Association, Appco is well aware of the importance of understanding customer needs when promoting products face-to-face.

5. Market research helps you stay ahead of the competition

Ultimately, by enabling you to avoid costly mistakes and allowing you to fine-tune your offerings, effective research can mean you are better placed to stay ahead of your rivals. This is crucial if you’re to last in today’s competitive marketplace.

From focus groups to online questionnaires, there are many different research methods that your company may be able to take advantage of. And, while gleaning the relevant information may take some time, effort and expenditure, this should prove to be a savvy investment for your organisation. Doing thorough fact finding in this way can help you avoid a whole range of potential pitfalls and it can stand your firm in much better stead for the future.

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