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BLOG: Donors contact Appco UK to praise ‘exceptionally good representative of the cause’

Face-to-face fundraiser Pagan Knill.

“I would like it noted that Matthew is an exceptionally good representative of the cause, he was absolutely fantastic,” said Dana Rose, when she spoke to Appco UK’s in-house contact centre about her decision to support the Royal Air Force (RAF) Association.

“He was very genuine — it wasn’t just a job to him, and that came across quite powerfully. I have two sons in the army, and one in the RAF, so it was very personal to me. He didn’t just come to collect money — he was passionate about the cause and that came across.”

Appco UK’s in-house contact centre makes welcome calls to approximately 65% of all new donors signed up by fundraisers in our network to thank them for their support and to make sure they were happy with the sign up process. These conversations regularly reveal the many positive interactions people have with face-to-face fundraisers.

In another case, Mr Archman chose to contact Appco’s customer service centre specifically to praise brand ambassador Pagan Knill for her demeanour while representing cancer charity Anthony Nolan.

“I wanted to call in and let you know what a great job Pagan is doing. She put us at ease by speaking so well about what the charity was doing and what they are all about. It was because of the way she approached us about it that we decided to go forward with giving our support.”

Another piece of good feedback came for two WWF brand ambassadors. A woman who signed up as a regular monthly donor for the conservation charity said she was not usually interested in face-to-face fundraisers, but that the attitudes of the two women at her door had changed her mind.

“There are enough people out there that just drag you in, sign you up — it’s all about the money. But they were very humble and seemed genuinely interested talking about WWF’s work,” she said.

“They were friendly, and it made me feel I should give them the time of day – I know it can be tough getting people on board.”

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