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BLOG: Froome demonstrates how to reset goals – on a bike or in business

Chris Froome may have just claimed his fourth Tour de France title, but he’s already setting goals to top the achievement. Appco UK believes this is a lesson for everyone in aiming high.

Cyclist Chris Froome warming up during Tour de France

Froome may have won the Tour four times, but he remains focussed on achieving each new goal he sets. (FCG /

Shortly after his Tour win, the 32-year-old confirmed that he would try to make history by being the first British rider to win the Vuelta a Espana.

Businesses can take a lot from Froome’s attitude, particularly the concept of resetting goals.

Having clear aims for your business not only gives you something to celebrate when you meet them, but also provides motivation to face challenges.

Whether it’s a daily target, or a long-term plan, goal-setting gives businesses direction and keeps them on track. But, as Froome’s victories show us, resting on initial success is not the way forward.

Continually resetting your goals once you achieve them means you will always be aiming higher, looking to progress further, and being the best you can be.

Set goals for the next win

Take stock of your success and enjoy the rewards, but make sure you don’t just stop there. If anything, by reaching one milestone you’ve proven to yourself just how much you can achieve, so see each win an opportunity to strive for more.

Froome has been the runner-up in the Spanish Vuelta three times, but rather than dwelling on those losses, he’s looking at how a win in 2017 would be that much greater.

“I’ve come second three times now and I’d love to win the Vuelta. To win the Tour and the Vuelta in one year would be absolutely incredible. I’ve got that opportunity now and I’m certainly going to go for it,” the cyclist said.

Appco UK believes this same attitude applies in business. The focus needs to be not on what you might have missed out on, but instead on what more you can achieve.

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