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BLOG: Get in the business of showing initiative

Walk into any café on any weekday and it’s likely to be wall to wall with people on laptops and iPads, putting in a day’s work over flat whites and smashed avocado on toast…

In many ways, running your own business – from anywhere, on any time zone – has never been easier or more flexible. But that means more competition so, to stand out, you need to be more than just adequate and that requires discipline and initiative.

Appco UK  was built on an entrepreneurial philosophy and has long mentored other independent start-ups. Here’s how we believe you can go the extra mile and stay ahead of the game in this brave new business world.

Look for new ways to do things

Albert Einstein once said: “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Many of us get stuck in a routine simply because that’s what has always been done, but if you want to improve the conclusion, you need to change the beginning.

Whether it’s getting through work quicker, making more sales or hiring better staff, figure out what your end goal is and adapt your routine to achieve it.

Share your ideas

It can be tempting to run with the crowd and not make waves, but you shouldn’t be afraid to voice your opinions and ideas – constructively, of course.

More often than not, employers are looking for people who can contribute and lead. Showing that you have ideas and can articulate them is generally a positive attribute.

Do more than required

In high school it was called being a Harry Hard-out, as an adult it’s called putting yourself at the front of the pack.

If you see something that needs to be done, or that a job that could be finished better with a bit more effort, don’t leave it to someone else.

If you do the bare minimum, that is likely to be what you get in return. If you want more, be prepared to go above and beyond.

Be prepared for challenges

Problems are inevitable in business, but it’s the way you deal with those challenges when they arise that will set you apart.

Be prepared for negative outcomes by having a Plan B in place and don’t just assume things will always run smoothly.

When faced with surprise obstacles, give yourself time and space to think the situation through calmly. Chances are the best solution will come from a more considered approach, not one created under pressure.

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