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BLOG: How can top-notch field marketing get you closer to your customers?

How many times have you spoken to your TV during the ad break? If you’re like most people, the answer is likely to be: ‘More times than I care to admit’. So you’ve probably noticed by now that the TV (or the advert) never responds.

That’s because, like many marketing techniques, TV advertisements involve a one-way flow of information. They allow companies to present their cases exactly as they want to – with the information they think you need to know – in a bid to persuade potential customers to buy their products or services.

Lady talking to a professional field marketer

Great field marketing allows your customers to connect with your brand.

Field marketing – or face-to-face marketing – is different. As well as giving businesses the opportunity to highlight the benefits of their products and services, this form of promotion gives consumers a chance to ask questions and get an immediate response. In turn, this can help businesses to hone their goods or services to what their target audience is looking for.

Converse with your customers

Getting into the mind-sets of potential customers is the Holy Grail for many companies. Understanding people’s purchasing preferences, needs and desires can help businesses to fine-tune their products or services, improve their branding and enhance their marketing strategies.

One of the standout benefits of face-to-face sales is the fact that it gives businesses a chance to glean valuable insights into consumers’ attitudes. Each interaction with a potential customer provides an opportunity to gather detailed qualitative data relating to your target market’s attitudes towards particular products and services, their responses to specific branding or marketing campaigns and any issues or concerns they may have.

So, field marketing is not just an effective way to sell goods and services; it can also be an efficient method of intelligence gathering.

Use of your consumer intelligence for good

Sales specialists can use the information they receive in their face-to-face interactions with potential customers to improve their marketing messages and make them more appealing and persuasive.

They can also feed the information back to the companies they represent, providing these organisations with opportunities to tweak and improve anything from their products or services to their branding and pricing. In turn, this can have a hugely positive impact on businesses’ sales levels and long-term success.

In effect, field marketing can double up as a form of detailed market research. By putting companies in direct contact with their target audience, it enables them to get a clear picture of what these people are thinking and what may attract them to or put them off certain goods or services.

For this reason, a direct, face-to-face approach can play a much broader role in marketing strategies than simply raising sales. For many firms, it’s an invaluable tool that enables them to build a rapport with consumers, increase sales levels, fine-tune their products or services and improve their promotional techniques.

Of course, for the best results, it’s vital that the brand ambassadors who represent companies in the field are skilled in their roles. At Appco Group, we are well aware of this fact. The self-employed field representatives who are contracted through our network of marketing companies have access to mentoring and product training opportunities and are highly effective in their roles.

This dedication to providing the best services applies around the world. Highlighting this, Upskill People provided Appco Group Asia with a range of online learning tools to help enhance the sales skills of field representatives. If you want to find out more about our services, you can take a look around our website or get in touch.

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