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BLOG: Omni-channel marketing: why digital and face-to-face methods should intermix

There’s no avoiding the prevalence of social media. From Facebook to Instagram, Reddit to Twitter, and Meetup to Tumblr – the list of websites and apps goes on and on, and there’s no denying they’re an effective way to reach a consumer base.

Two people looking at marketing channel icons

Omni-channel marketing harnesses the benefits of different channels, including personal interaction via field marketing.

Being digitally savvy with business marketing is essential in today’s increasingly technological world. Many companies have entire teams dedicated to the task, ready to reply to comments, ‘like’ and share posts about their business, and engage with the public by any means possible.

But is social media marketing the only way? Is it even the best way?

Online advertising and content strategies reach a large number of people in a short space of time, so they’re efficient ways to get a consistent message out to a wide audience. Like almost every company on the planet, it’s one of the methods we use here at Appco UK.

But, as face-to-face marketing specialists, we also understand that only using en-masse marketing methods could mean your messages become generic (as you try to be all things to all audiences), fail to acknowledge the different needs of different segments within your audience and, therefore, fail to engage them in a way that’s meaningful to them and impactful for you.

It doesn’t have to be a case of either/or.

In fact, we believe most businesses need a marketing combo: ‘old’ and newer techniques working together to help you reach your target audience and make sure that, when you do, what you tell them stays with them.

The surge in online marketing in recent years means that tried-and-tested human contact has ironically become the next ‘new’ thing, to which your customers are likely to respond as a refreshing change from years of digital engagement.

After a deluge of computerised voices at the end of their phones, often-witty but character-restricted social media replies, and automated email responses, putting a real person in front of your customers, who can engage them in actual conversations, might just give you the marketing edge in 2018.

Appco UK understands that there’s a reason face-to-face marketing has remained successful for so long – people still like talking to people! Speaking directly with someone is the best way to truly attract and retain their attention, because the brand representative can respond to body language and non-verbal cues to ensure the interaction is tailored to an individual’s specific needs and preferences.

Appco UK ensures the brand ambassadors representing our clients receive continuous product training so they know the product or service they’re promoting inside-out. This means they not only inspire trust and enthusiasm, but can also answer people’s questions and provide the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

And it’s not just about a one-off sale. While other forms of marketing are often about a moment of persuasion, direct marketing goes one better by opening a channel for communication in the future.

Establishing a human connection means that, down the line, your brand is remembered on a more personal level, creating more opportunity for loyalty and ongoing engagement.

So, in 2018, we recommend making the most of the unique benefits different marketing methods provide by adopting an omni-channel approach. Embracing online and more human means of interaction will boost your brand and allow you to share your messages, both on broad scale through digital and on a more personal level via direct marketing, which can literally put you in front of each of your customers.

Appco UK has been delivering professional field marketing campaigns for clients since 1989. We believe in the power of informative, friendly, face-to-face conversations to inspire loyal customers and raise awareness of our clients’ brands.

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