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BLOG: Riut: young entrepreneur goes pack to basics

Riut founder Sarah Giblin may not be a household name – yet. But, by harnessing the skills and work ethic acquired in a corporate role, and adding a whole lot of her own innovation, she was able to build a company worth £1million in just three years.

Regardless of your current role or career history, the skills and experience you develop along the way, combined with creative sparks of innovation, can ignite a business idea at any time, any place.

Sarah Giblin, founder of portable luggage company Ruit, is a great example of somebody who has taken the skills from her role as a communications manager – plus a natural flair for challenging the status quo – and used them to build her very own business empire. Sarah has used her work experience to build a company that is now worth £1m and is challenging the way we think about portable luggage. By identifying a common problem that is experienced by urban backpack users all over the world, a product was born purely from a user’s perspective.

Speaking in The Guardian, Sarah says: “I want to make it clear that I’m not an expert backpack designer, I’m just a user. I think that’s OK for normal people to spot problems, have an idea and have a go at solving it. Why should we leave innovation in the hands of the biggest companies in the world?”

Appco UK couldn’t agree more. As a company built on and encouraging entrepreneurship, we believe that innovation is critical to maximising your chances of success.

Appco UK is passionate about encouraging individuals to define their own career and business journeys, and not only think but also act creatively to achieve their version of success. We wish Sarah and her company Ruit all the very best for the future.

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