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BLOG: Three Millennial entrepreneurs making a serious impact

From Adidas to Visa and DHL to Microsoft – big brands are paying attention to today’s entrepreneur. Appco UK takes a look at three of the brightest (and youngest) sparks in business and looks at the new age of innovation.

millennials working in front on high tech devices

Appco UK encourages the ambitious spirit of entrepreneurs and celebrates business leadership among independent marketing professionals and business owners. The company was founded on entrepreneurship nearly 30 years ago and we continue to encourage, develop and support entrepreneurs today. Here we look at some of the entrepreneurs in the world of business that are starting to make a serious impact in their chosen fields.

Being an entrepreneur is not only about thinking differently and challenging typically conventional areas of business – it’s also about having the ability to give those ideas meaning and relevance in the 21st century.

‘Generation Y’ is a phrase often used to describe those born in the 1980s and 90s, however it can also be used to best describe those who are most likely to ask ‘why?’ and challenge the status quo. It’s this constant questioning of traditional approaches that has started to make profound changes within various industries.

David Arnoux, co-founder of Growth Tribe

Backed by Facebook, the University of Amsterdam and StartupAmsterdam, serial entrepreneur David Arnoux launched Europe’s first “growth hacking academy”. Based in Holland they teach its students ways of using data and social experiments to create unique marketing techniques that drive growth. Since 2015 they have trained over 1,400 people in over 500 companies and are now the primary training partner for large corporations across Europe.

Rupa Ganatra, founder of Millennial 20/20

Fuelled by a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, Rupa founded her company in 2016 – the world’s first business conference that brings together industries from all over the world. By bringing start-ups and leading brands together in one place, businesses can network and look to the future of buying and selling on a large scale. Originally based in London, conferences now expand across four continents, including Asia, North America and Australia.

Benjamin Potter, co-founder of CLICKON

As a passionate sports fan, Ben took it upon himself to create CLICKON, a new-age sports publisher that has over 650 content creators globally, creating over 3,200 pieces of original content each day. Since launching in 2015, brands such as Adidas, Topgolf, Visa, DHL and Microsoft have all consulted with CLICKON for help on their marketing campaigns.

With innovative tech and never-ending developments in consumer research, tomorrow’s next key influencer could be breaking the conventional mould today. See how Appco is using technology to aid face-to-face marketing experiences.

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