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BLOG: Why knowing your stuff is essential in face-to-face sales

There is an art to great face-to-face sales that benefits both the company and the customer. To attract new customers, field sales representatives – called brand ambassadors in the Appco UK network – have to be professional, polite and highly knowledgeable so they can provide information that really resonates with the people they speak to.

In this blog, we look at the importance of swotting up as a professional brand ambassador.

Give customers the information they need

The self-employed brand ambassadors within the Appco network have access to comprehensive compliance, product and customer service coaching on each campaign they work on. They also have access to sales and career mentoring.

These in-depth product training and continual development opportunities not only help to ensure that every brand ambassador knows their product inside out and is able to answer customers’ questions on the spot, but also that they represent Appco’s clients in a highly professional way.

This is hugely important for the success of our clients’ campaigns. We believe it’s essential that every potential customer is able to make a well-informed purchasing decision, which means they need to have all the facts that are relevant to them. The product coaching that the brand ambassadors in our network receive ensures they are able to respond to people’s queries on the spot – in the detail they need – and help potential customers to make informed, confident buying decisions.

Having strong product and client knowledge also gives brand ambassadors confidence in their interactions with consumers. In turn, this can help them to engage with people in a more relaxed, natural and professional way, providing a much more positive customer experience.

Our approach: the Human Commercial™

The ability to interact confidently and personally with each potential customer is all part of our Human Commercial™ approach, which was developed by Appco Group founder and chairman Chris Niarchos.

The concept centres on a commitment to providing customers with the best possible experiences when they speak to the brand ambassadors who represent our clients. It involves respecting consumers and actively listening to and answering their specific questions, making sure they have all the facts they need about the products or services on offer.

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge, the brand ambassadors contracted to the independent marketing companies in our network can engage people in meaningful two-way conversations.

Students always welcome!

At Appco Group, we believe you should never stop learning. Whether you’re studying for a formal qualification alongside your brand ambassador role or learning new skills via the coaching and mentoring opportunities in Appco network, we think every day’s a school day!

We’re committed to providing brand ambassadors with opportunities to further their knowledge, and to share it with others. Continually expanding their skills can help brand ambassadors to take their careers forward, either within the Appco network or in whatever sector they choose.

By making the most of opportunities to expand their expertise and skills, professional brand ambassadors not only achieve impressive results for Appco’s clients, but also advance their own career prospects.

If you want to find out more about what it’s like to work in face-to-face sales, you can take a look at Appco videos featuring self-employed brand ambassadors talking about their roles and the benefits they have gained.

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