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BLOG: Your guide to increasing sales in 2016

With the New Year fast approaching, you’re no doubt planning ways to enhance the success of your business in 2016. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a brief guide to increasing sales levels – and your customer base – over the next 12 months.

Is your product or service up to scratch?

The first element in any sales strategy should be ensuring that your goods make the grade. The best way to gauge the appeal of your products or services is to undertake some thorough and effective market research. For example, you could hold focus groups and conduct surveys. Getting feedback from prospective or existing customers can prove invaluable as a way of honing your product or service and it can make the process of attracting customers and increasing sales much more straightforward.

To ensure that you get maximum value from these fact-finding exercises, you’ll need to not only gather the data, but also act on the findings. For example, if there are signs that your product or service is not meeting consumer expectations, take the opportunity to make any necessary improvements before you launch it on the market.

Build your brand

Brand awareness and appeal are essential when it comes to maximising sales, and there are now many different ways to raise the profile of your company. For example, having a strong social media presence is now a must for most organisations. Traditional forms of marketing like print and radio ads can also be an important part of the mix, depending on your target audience.

And, when it comes to engaging directly with your target customers and building positive and lasting relationships with them, it is hard to compete with the power of field marketing. At Appco, we’re experts in door-to-door sales and marketing and we know just how effective this approach can be. By engaging with people in an open, friendly way – answering their questions and delivering highly tailored messages that address their specific issues and needs – it’s possible to create a more personal and enduring connection between your customers and your product. We call this interactive approach to face-to-face sales our Human CommercialTM and it extends to the independent marketing companies that are contracted to Appco.

Set specific goals

Setting yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals and sales targets will help you measure the success of your sales campaigns, maintain momentum, resolve any issues and identify where you may need to make improvements.

When you’re setting these objectives, you’ll need to be ambitious but realistic. There is no point in establishing goals that are unachievable, as this can demotivate your team. In contrast, if you set attainable targets that stretch your organisation, but are still realistically within your grasp, you stand a good chance of accelerating your sales and enjoying greater success in 2016 and beyond.

If you want to find out more about how Appco may be able to help you increase sales through targeted field marketing campaigns, take a look around our website or contact our experts.

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