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NEWS: Simon Pegg supports Alzheimer’s Research UK

Appco UK client Alzheimer’s Research UK has been given a boost of star power, with actor Simon Pegg appearing in a new video for the charity.

The video, Dementia Uncovered, highlights the impact Alzheimer’s has on the brain and explains how further research into the disease could help slow or even stop the physical processes. It’s also a great learning tool for the fundraisers representing Appco UK’s campaign for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

“Dementia Uncovered continues our award-winning awareness campaigning, by providing a compelling glimpse of what is happening to the brain of someone affected by Alzheimer’s, the most common cause of dementia,” Alzheimer’s Research UK says.

“This film is a great education tool for our fundraisers as it clearly demonstrates how dementia is not a natural part of ageing and reminds us of the promise of research in finding breakthroughs. We are hugely grateful to our partners Ricoh for making the campaign possible and to Simon Pegg for his support. We hope people will find the film thought-provoking and inspiring.”

Appco UK delivers fundraising services for Alzheimer’s Research UK, working with business partners who contract face-to-face fundraisers to generate long-term donors for the charity.

Appco UK client relationship manager Casey Gaddess, who works with the charity and business partners to ensure campaigns run as effectively as possible, says the video is an excellent resource for fundraisers.

“At Appco UK, we go to great lengths to ensure fundraisers representing our charities are fully informed and able to answer any questions members of the public might have.

“Many people don’t have any understanding of how Alzheimer’s physically affects the brain, so it’s great that this video has been developed to educate people about that side of the disease,” she says.

Appco UK ensures all fundraisers receive training on the charities they represent and the regulations and standards they must comply with as trusted brand ambassadors for Appco UK’s charity clients.

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