Complaints Handling Policy


Appco UK recognises that, even when operating to a high standard, complaints can still happen. We acknowledge the value in complaints and see them as an opportunity to review and evaluate what we do and how we can do it better.

When someone needs to complain, we know it is very important that they can do so easily and that they will be responded to politely and, when appropriate, with a promise of action. Our quality assurance manager manages all complaints through to resolution. 

Definition of a complaint

Appco UK defines a complaint as either a comment or statement registering a concern which needs investigating and requires a response.

Recording complaints

Appco UK will record every complaint we receive. We attempt to acknowledge each complaint within 2 working days and aim to resolve any complaint swiftly, or at least within 30 days. However, there will be times when complaint resolution may take longer due to the need to carry out the necessary investigations.

What will happen to the complaint?

Our Quality Assurance Manager will do all they can to review the complainant’s concerns and, where possible, resolve the matter as soon as possible. If this is not possible, then they may need further time to investigate the complaint to make sure they have all the information required to address the complaint correctly.

We will thoroughly investigate all complaints received. Our response will be fair and without bias, and a full explanation will be in our reply. We will answer all issues raised in a complaint in this way.

We understand that some people who wish to make a complaint may be in vulnerable circumstances, and we will offer these people extra support and time in dealing with their complaint.

Our staff are trained to remain polite at all times. If a person uses abusive language or an aggressive tone, they may terminate the communication or seek assistance from another staff member. It is unlikely in these circumstances that the complaint will be taken further.

If a written complaint contains abusive language or is aggressive in tone, we will reply but will advise the person in our response that this is unacceptable.

Furthermore, we may terminate correspondence about a specific complaint where it is clear that, despite our best efforts, we are unlikely to satisfy the person. If the person writes to us again about a different issue, it will be treated as any other new complaint.

The decision to terminate correspondence will only be made by a senior manager after making sure that the matter has previously been investigated thoroughly, and in accordance with our procedures. We will always tell the person when we are terminating a complaint and the reason why we are taking this action.

Alternative resolution

If an individual feels that their complaint has not been handled appropriately by Appco UK, they will be directed to the relevant external body or regulator where they can raise the matter separately.

The list below is for reference only and is not exhaustive:

Sector External body
Fundraising Fundraising Regulator (FR) or Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel (Scotland)
Energy Customer Acquisition Ofgem
Processing of personal information Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
Advertising Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
Direct selling Direct Selling Association (DSA)
Marketing Direct Marketing Association (DMA)


Should a complaint be made through an alternative organisation, such as but not limited to those above, it will be actioned in accordance with our complaints policy and in accordance to the referred entity’s complaints procedures.

How to contact us

If you have a complaint, or would like to contact us to provide us with any feedback, please contact our Quality Assurance team at  or contact us on 0800 0319811