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BLOG: 3 lessons Kim Kardashian can teach the business world

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a master at using her assets to build her brand. (Kathy Hutchins /

Yes, you read that correctly. She may be an unlikely source of inspiration for some, but Kim Kardashian has definitely earned her business marketing stripes and has something to teach anyone looking to build brand awareness and longevity.

True, she’s a reality TV star probably best known for her rear assets, but it’s the way the now 36-year-old has used her public profile to create an unquestionably powerful brand for herself that is so impressive. Since first hitting the small screen 10 years ago, Kim (with a fair bit of help from her formidable “momager” Kris Jenner) has consistently proven herself to be a marketing guru.

Whether it’s at celebrity appearances, in interviews, or on social media, Kardashian has made the most of every opportunity to promote and grow her brand – and the results are clear. So here are three things we believe the business world can learn from her.

Brand awareness

Creating a recognisable and successful brand is a crucial marketing tool for businesses – not only is it a way to reach customers, it’s the best way to build credibility among your target audience. The Kardashian name is known the world over, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Kim has built an empire by stamping her mark on everything from mobile games to make-up lines, and with each product her brand has become more recognisable.

Her strong presence on social media, and ability to constantly modernise that brand has kept her relevant, allowing her to continue to extend her fan base.

Make the most of opportunities

Kim Kardashian understands how to make the most of opportunities to gain maximum exposure for her brand and maximum appeal from her fans. (JStone /

You never know where an opportunity may lead in business, so it’s important not to let any slide.

Be it acting, dancing, singing, or performing in live shows, Kim has used every opportunity to make her way into the entertainment and lifestyle press.

The media has always been consumed by Kim’s larger-than-life physical attributes, and she hasn’t shied away from the fact. Moreover, she has embraced the claim to fame – her startling nude Paper Magazine cover made headlines across the globe and reportedly “broke the Internet”.

When she was expecting her first child, the star signed up to endorse numerous pregnancy products, then, after the baby was born, launched a children’s clothing line. Like we said, you may not be a fan but you can’t deny the entrepreneurial nouse.

Be resilient

For every success, you’re likely to have to face a couple of failures, so knowing how to pull yourself together and shake yourself off is an essential part of business.

Everyone may know Kim, but it doesn’t mean everyone loves her. She has faced more than her fair share of haters (often very publicly – hello Taylor Swift) without being brought down by them. It seems success has been her best form of revenge.

When her second marriage ended after just 72 days, she was ridiculed in the media – but her next reality TV season, which followed the marriage break-down, garnered the biggest audience the show had ever had.

When she was attacked for gaining weight, she made millions by losing it, endorsing slimming products and sharing her ‘diet secrets’. So, love her or hate her, there’s no denying that there’s plenty to learn from Kim’s marketing prowess – her name got you to the end of this story, right?

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