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BLOG: Why Appco UK believes love isn’t just for Valentine’s Day

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We may not give a lot of flowers, but Appco UK does like to give a little love through the services we provide.

It may not be in a ‘secret admirer, surprise-flowers-on-your-desk’ romantic kind of way, but Appco UK definitely likes to give a little love.

From going all out to deliver truly impactful field marketing campaigns for clients, to supporting entrepreneurs in building their own companies, Appco UK’s services are not just about “business” – we genuinely care about the people we partner with.

So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we decided to look at how 5 elements of all good relationships apply to our own business and the service we provide – every day of the year…

1. Open communication is key

We love good communication – it is, after all, at the heart of our field marketing services. But it’s not just about having great conversations with potential customers and donors, it’s also about building great relationships with our clients and business partners. We have expert people and teams in place to ensure we understand and meet everyone’s needs, they understand how their campaign is tracking and no details are overlooked.

2. Promoting an in-depth understanding of fundraising

We want our charity clients to get the best service possible, and that means making sure we have the absolute best people representing them. We recently launched an online learning platform for fundraisers to ensure they develop an expert knowledge of the cause they are promoting – and understand all sector regulations and Appco UK policies and standards – before they start on a campaign. It also helps boost fundraisers’ confidence so they love what they do that little bit more.

3. Support for small businesses

Like most companies, we outsource some of our services to specialist business partners. This includes sub-contracting marketing companies to conduct the field sales and donor recruitment components of our clients’ campaigns. Appco UK believes in encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, and we provide advice and support to help these small businesses develop. They, in turn, provide us with crucial services that help our clients’ businesses grow.

4. A commitment to compliance

It’s absolutely essential that we are fully compliant with all regulations and codes of practice for every industry in which we operate. Our clients rely on us to deliver marketing campaigns responsibly and we are committed to this. Our dedicated compliance manager advises on all campaigns and our policies not only meet, but in many cases exceed, relevant sector requirements. Recently, Appco UK elected to undergo the Institute of Fundraising’s vetting for its new certification programme early (and passed with flying colours!).

5. We care about customers’ happiness

A big part of our marketing service is making sure our clients’ customers are happy with the conversations they’ve had with the brand ambassadors. People who have been well informed and enjoyed the face-to-face interaction are more likely to be happy, loyal customers (and donors), which is exactly who our clients trust us to find. We have a dedicated customer service team that ensures we give people a great experience beyond the first conversation.

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