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NEWS: Appco UK launches its new brand

Appco UK is excited to announce that we officially launched our new brand identity today!

We’ve freshened up our look to ensure it reflects who we are in 2018, and the personable, professional and innovative ethos and culture of our company. So, while we might look all shiny and new, our core business and the services we provide have not changed. We remain committed to providing the best-possible field marketing and fundraising services to our clients, business partners and suppliers.

The main changes are a new logo and corporate colours and removing ‘Group’ from our company name – we are now officially Appco UK.

This small change to our name highlights our local knowledge and expertise and the unique service we provide to our clients here in the UK. This is at the heart of what we do at Appco UK and it makes sense that it’s also at the heart of our brand.

However, we also remain proud to be associated with a global community of Appco businesses that have delivered direct-marketing services to commercial clients and charities all over the world.

Our new vision is also important to us

We believe it perfectly sums up our core objectives, priorities and expertise:

Appco UK is a field marketing agency specialising in face-to-face conversations about our clients’ brands. We are committed to delivering high-quality, responsible and valuable face-to-face campaigns for our clients and charity partners.

We believe in an innovative, collaborative and people-driven approach to achieving:

  1. a positive impact for our clients

  2. development opportunities for our business partners

  3. a dynamic and supportive environment for our staff, and

  4. sustainable growth for our business.

Please take a tour of our new website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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