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NEWS: Appco UK is refreshing its brand!

We confess! Here at Appco UK we’ve subscribed to the “New year, new you” mission that most people embark on come 1 January. But rest assured, unlike our gym regime and carb-free diet, we will be sticking to this enhancement programme well beyond the first two months of the year.

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy here at Appco UK setting our objectives, defining our vision and looking at how we can enhance the services we provide to our clients and business partners. As part of this review, we decided it was time to refresh our brand to make sure it’s up to date and reflects who we are and what we do in 2018, and beyond.

As a first step, we are pleased to share our new vision statement for Appco UK, which we believe perfectly sums up our core objectives, priorities and expertise.

Introducing our company vision

Appco UK is a field marketing agency specialising in face-to-face conversations about our clients’ brands. We are committed to delivering high-quality, responsible and valuable face-to-face campaigns for our clients and charity partners.

We believe in an innovative, collaborative and people-driven approach to achieving: · a positive impact for our clients · development opportunities for our business partners · a dynamic and supportive environment for our staff, and · sustainable growth for our business.

Enhancing the Appco UK brand

The next step is to make sure our visual identity reflects our vision and the innovative, friendly and supportive business we’re proud to be. Appco UK’s fresh new face will be launching in the next couple of weeks.

We’ve also made another little tweak in that we are now referring to ourselves as Appco UK, (not Appco Group UK). We are proud to be associated with a global community of Appco businesses, but we are equally proud of our independence, our local expertise and the unique service we provide to our clients here in the UK. We want that to be at the heart of our brand, so we are now officially Appco UK.

While we might be making a few improvements, we also remain committed to providing the services our clients rely on us to deliver, with the same commitment to quality, value and results.

Stay tuned for the launch of our new look later this month.

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