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NEWS: Appco UK launches online learning tool for fundraisers

Appco Group UK is rolling out a new tool to further ensure fundraisers representing its charity clients have a “really solid knowledge across all key aspects of face-to-face fundraising”, says Field Development Manager Richard Snowden (left).

Appco UK launched the online learning platform, Introduction to professional fundraising, this month to enhance the way in which fundraisers develop a strong understanding of the cause they are promoting, all sector regulations and Appco UK’s policies and standards before they start on a campaign.

The tool was developed in consultation with Appco UK’s charity clients and the businesses it sub-contracts to deliver the face-to-face fundraising component of each campaign. It covers key fundraising regulations and best practice – including appropriate fundraising locations and times, compliance and data protection – as well as health and safety and customer service.

All fundraisers representing Appco UK’s charity clients will now be required to complete the online introduction within their first two weeks.

Keeping pace with fundraising regulations

Appco UK Senior Field Development Manager Richard Snowden says Appco is always looking for ways to improve the service it offers clients and the experience for donors, and this new system is an example of that.

“Regulations are constantly changing, so this is a great way to ensure that fundraisers start with a really solid knowledge across all key aspects of face-to-face fundraising,” he says.

“It also gives clients extra reassurance that every person representing their brand is doing so in a professional and compliant manner.”

Just as importantly, Richard says feedback from Appco UK’s sub-contracted business partners has been very positive: “It’s given them another tool to help educate the fundraisers they contract on complex-but-critical topics, such as fundraising compliance.  They’re telling us that the online tool is already proving to be a more engaging and effective way of addressing these areas.”

Appco UK has been delivering face-to-face fundraising campaigns for charities since 1999. We’re proud of the fact that charities have continued to partner with us because we believe that what we do makes a difference, we believe in doing it well and we achieve valuable results for them.

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