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NEWS: Breast Cancer Now teaches fundraisers to extract DNA from strawberries!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Appco UK client Breast Cancer Now (BCN) have taken part in a special knowledge-sharing session with the charity that included extracting DNA from strawberries!

The team, along with representatives from Appco UK, visited the Breast Cancer Now head office in London, and met people from a range of departments across the organisation, including research, fundraising and communications.

Among the exercises the group took part in was removing DNA from a strawberry, which allowed them to see how breast cancer can be analysed.

This process involved mulching a strawberry, adding salt and washing up liquid before sieving the pulp into a small test tube. Then, by adding alcohol, they were able to start the process of extracting the DNA.

“The purpose of the visit was to give the fundraisers a more rounded understanding of BCN’s work and provide them with more information to relay to the public,” said Richard Snowden, Appco UK Senior Field Development Officer.

“This was a great chance for them to ask questions, and build their knowledge in an interesting and fun environment. It also helps ensure we have well-informed and passionate fundraisers representing our charity clients.”

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