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NEWS: IoF certifies Appco UK’s fundraising service

Appco UK’s fundraising service, Appco Group Support, has been vetted and approved by the Institute of Fundraising (IoF), under its new certification programme.

While the programme only officially launched on 22 September, Appco Group Support elected to undergo the vetting process early, in support of the IoF’s efforts to further improve fundraising standards.

The certification process included submitting detailed information on our fundraising processes, policies and compliance measures, undergoing mystery shopping and an IoF representative observing a coaching session for fundraisers.

The IoF’s report on the coaching stated: “[It] was energetic and engaging, and was accompanied by a strong visual presentation. Overall, I thought this was an excellent introduction to the compliance side of door-to-door fundraising.”

In terms of key policies, the report also stated: “Vulnerability was covered very thoroughly with lots of examples of when to be cautious. It was stressed that this can be quite complicated and that it was the individual fundraisers’ responsibility to try to get it right, but that this wasn’t always easy.”

Appco UK’s Director of Operations Graham Bunce said: “We have been delivering face-to-face fundraising campaigns for UK charities since 1999, and we support all efforts to improve standards across the sector.

“Appco UK works continuously to make sure our own fundraising processes not only meet but exceed industry requirements and we’re really pleased to receive validation of this from the IoF.”

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