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NEWS: Professional fundraiser saves man’s life

A face-to-face fundraiser representing Appco UK’s client Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity is being hailed a hero after saving an elderly man’s life.

Professional fundraiser Cory Short

Cory believes this incident highlights how fundraisers can make a difference in communities.

Cory Short (pictured) was in Farmborough late last week speaking to people about the charity and its lifesaving work when he ended up carrying out his own rescue mission.

On hearing what sounded like yelling and moaning, Cory followed the voice to a nearby house, and called out to see if the person was okay.

“A man replied, sort of saying hello, but I couldn’t really understand,” Cory said. “I went and spoke to the neighbours, and they told me the gentleman who lived there was 100 years old and usually had a carer.

“I went back to the house and looked through the mailbox. When I did, I saw him lying on the ground in his kitchen with a cut on his head that was bleeding pretty badly.”

Unable to open the door, Cory immediately called 999 and waited for the paramedics and police. “I stayed there talking to him to make sure he didn’t lose consciousness before the paramedics could arrive.”

It transpired that the man had fallen and hit his head, and had been lying on the ground for more than two hours. He was wearing only shorts, and the temperature was around one degree Celsius.

Paramedics said that had Cory not found the man when he did then anything could have happened to him. Neighbours were also fast to offer praise, calling Cory the “angel of the community”.

Cory, who is a self-employed fundraiser, began contracting with one of Appco UK’s business partners in November. He said the incident highlighted how professional fundraisers can make a difference in the community in many ways, and just how positive person-to-person contact can be.

“The neighbours said that they wouldn’t have thought anything of the man making sounds because they’re used to hearing him moving about. Because I came in with fresh eyes, I had a different perspective, so I questioned the situation more.”

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