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BLOG: Get smart! Is your business mobile friendly?

It’s easy to see how mobile web browsing has become more and more popular. Look around any packed train, lift or shopping centre and you’ll see a majority of people scrolling through their phones, checking Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube –the list goes on – reading emails and searching for the best macchiato in the vicinity. As a marketing company, it’s vitally important to capitalise on this trend.

Appco Group UK experiments with ways of using mobile technology to help clients and customers, and has pioneered the use of tablets in the field sales environment many years before others had considered its possibility.

According to a 2016 study conducted by Google, four out of 10 people searched for businesses only using a smart device. Thankfully, with modern technology constantly evolving, it’s easier than ever to adapt your web presence to a format that customers are relying on more and more.

Keep details updated

It’s incredibly important to make sure all your online business listings are accurate. In 2016, vital features when searching for a local business included having the latest information on services, location and products.

With so many mobile searches conducted daily, the look and feel of your mobile website is going to be equally as important. By having a website that is easy to use and view on any device (smartphones, tablets and PCs) it also ensures that your desktop and mobile sites will have a consistent look and feel – perfect for building trust with potential users.

Emailing customers and clients

More than 50% of all emails were opened on a mobile device in 2016. So we’re all agreed you should optimise your business website for mobile users – well, your emails to customers deserve the same TLC. At the very least, make sure they load quickly and have hyperlinks placed at the top of the message for easy access.

With everyone becoming more and more glued to their mobile devices, it’s imperative that businesses consider this “special attachment” in all their marketing efforts.

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