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BLOG: New Year, new marketing strategy?

As 2017 rapidly disappears in the rear-view mirror, most businesses are reassessing their business goals and marketing strategies and finding ways to enhance their brands. Appco UK is no different.

Appco UK’s 2018 marketing strategy reflects the face-to-face conversations we conduct for our clients.

Without a doubt, the way your business is marketed should be at the forefront of your mind at all times because creating a strong brand is the best way to reach customers and build credibility.

But, as we all take the first steps into 2018, the ‘New Year, new marketing strategy’ pressure increases. So we decided to look at how our expertise here at Appco UK can inspire our marketing activities for the year ahead.

As a face-to-face marketing specialist, we naturally believe in the power of in-person conversations as a way to connect with a target audience. It’s the service we provide for our clients and it’s also one of the principal ways we interact with our own stakeholders, whether that’s talking to our clients about their campaigns, or our outsourced business partners about the services they deliver on our behalf.

Face-to-face contact with our clients

Every one of Appco UK’s clients has a dedicated account manager, who is responsible for making sure that we understand their business and specific face-to-face marketing objectives. We do this by meeting with them regularly and speaking with and/or updating them daily about their campaigns.

This close working relationship means we:

  1. get to know each client inside-out

  2. can develop a highly effective and tailored direct-marketing or fundraising campaign for them

  3. ensure the ambassadors representing their brand receive detailed brand and product training

  4. review and adjust our clients’ campaigns on a regular basis for optimum results.

Close contact with our business partners

Like most companies, Appco UK outsources some services to specialist business partners.

It makes sense. We are an expert at designing, planning, managing and analysing field marketing and fundraising campaigns. And the marketing companies we sub-contract are experts at the field-sales and donor-recruitment components of our clients’ campaigns.

For us, it’s about delegating activities to the best people for the job so that we deliver the best results for our clients.

But, for the outsourced relationship to work, we need to be in constant contact with our business partners to ensure they understand our clients, the product/cause they’re promoting, the regulations and compliance involved, and Appco UK’s own the expectations and standards.

That’s why we have a team of field development managers whose job it is to spend time with and support best practice among our business partners. Appco UK also hosts regular skills-sharing and networking events, and we encourage all of our clients to meet with the marketing companies that are representing their brands.

As always, our emphasis is on face-to-face contact to foster great relationships and results. So, while we’ll most certainly be looking to enhance our social media strategy, refresh our website, update our collateral and spice up our content in 2018, we’ll also be continuing to focus on what is at the heart of our business: powerful, personalised conversations that not only boost our brand, but also help our clients and suppliers achieve success.

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