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BLOG: Looking for business motivation? Watch the netball

Commonwealth Games surfboard sign on the Gold Coast, Australia

England’s netballers are shining as bright as the Aussie sunshine at the Commonwealth Games 2018 [Image credit: ChameleonsEye /]

They might be underdogs in a somewhat hostile territory, but England’s netballers have demonstrated how holding focus under tough conditions pays off.

The Roses this week beat No.2-ranked New Zealand – their first-ever  Commonwealth Games win over this team – and snagged themselves a semi-finals slot tomorrow.

As far as zero-to-hero stories go, this is a good one, and definitely one people in all sectors can file away for inspiration on a dull or difficult day.

Hard work. Lots of hard work

England coach Tracey Neville says her team’s historic win took “guts and a lot of hard work”. The sweat and tears it takes to create success is something we should all remember.

Few things in life are handed to us on a platter. If you want something, you’re almost always going to have to put in the (very) hard yards to get it.

Face obstacles with gusto

With the Commonwealth Games being held in Australia, English fans are significantly outnumbered, leaving the side far from a crowd favourite. It’s not an easy situation, but one that is obviously not bringing them down.

When faced with a new challenge, do the best you can, learn from it and use that knowledge to propel you forward.

Know what you want and go and get it

One of England’s goals going into the Commonwealth Games was to be one of the top two in a major event, and it’s one that’s been on the radar for more than two years.

Goal-setting is an essential tool across all walks of life – not least in business. Having a clear aim and knowing the result you want to achieve is the best way to ensure a sharp focus. Eyes on the prize people, eyes on the prize.

Dig a little deeper

The victory over NZ was huge for England, but they’re not leaving it there. “We mean business and if we want to achieve it and go all the way into that gold-medal final, we’ve got to beat every team,” defender Geva Mentor said.

Success is great, and you should take a minute to enjoy each one. Then set a new goal and go for it. Use each win to drive you on and inspire you to the next one.

And finally, c’mon The Roses!

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