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BLOG: Great direct marketing keeps pace in the digital age

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One USP of direct marketing in a digital age is the face-to-face connections it creates.

Our entire lives are quite literally moving online, so it’s more crucial than ever for traditionally non-digital businesses to, yes, move with the times but also understand what they bring to the table that virtual services don’t.

In the case of direct marketing, the benefits are clear. Face-to-face interaction is a major point of difference in a world where we can do practically everything at the touch of a button, no humans necessary! Direct marketing gives businesses the chance to connect with customers in a way that is simply not possible via a phone, tablet or computer screen.

So, in the spirit of keeping pace with technology while also celebrating the benefits of direct marketing, here are three reasons we believe the direct marketing industry can continue to compete in a digital world.

1. Direct marketing creates real-life connections

Online advertising targets a wide audience, which means a business’s message can be diluted to fit as many people as possible. This is the exact opposite to the one-on-one conversations you have with customers via direct marketing.

Speaking directly to a customer enables your brand ambassadors to tailor a personal message and express genuine passion for your product, rather than deliver a one-size-fits-all spiel. Having a face-to-face conversation also means you can get a real understanding of your customers’ needs and reactions to your offer and, best of all, make a personal connection with them that is more likely to last.

2. Direct marketing provides instant responses

Businesses now employ entire teams to handle their social media, and customer service is a big part of that job. Staff are often on hand 24/7 to reply to customer questions and complaints.

Direct marketing goes one better; there’s no delay whatsoever, and customers get their answers on the spot from a real person. Imagine that!

Appco UK ensures the brand ambassadors representing our clients receive continuous product training so they know the product or service they’re promoting inside-out. This means they not only inspire trust and enthusiasm, but can also answer people’s questions and provide the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

3. Direct marketing should embrace technology

These days, embracing technology is a no-brainer for any business and that includes us here at Appco UK, where we’ve “teched-up” use to improve our direct marketing processes and systems.

Whether it’s using an iPad to show more details of a product and provide a more secure and efficient sign-up process, automating our reporting services for clients or enabling our staff to work remotely, there are numerous ways digital technology is helping us evolve and enhance our direct marketing service.

So, rather than seeing the online world as competition for direct marketing, we are welcoming it as a way to innovate what we do.

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