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BLOG: Understanding the power of the Human Commercial™

The concept of the Human Commercial™ has changed the face-to-face sales industry forever. Developed by Appco Group chairman and founder Chris Niarchos, it represents a fresh approach to direct marketing that focuses on delivering highly tailored messages that resonate with individual consumers. Here, we take a look at the technique and its benefits for companies.

What is it?

The Human Commercial™ is about bringing the human touch to the sales and marketing experience and making sure that customers have the best possible experiences when they speak to a field representative operating within the Appco network.

The Human CommercialTM approach is about much more than simply trying to ‘sell’ to people. Instead, it is centred on actively listening to and respecting customers, answering their specific questions and making sure that the messages and information they receive are as relevant and as engaging as possible. This helps ensure that people are fully informed about the products or services being offered and encourages long-term positive engagement between Appco’s clients’ brands and consumers.

The Human Commercial™ relies on highly skilled and personable field representatives who have detailed knowledge of the products or services they are promoting, and who are committed to providing positive customer experiences. The sales specialists contracted through our network of marketing companies fulfil these requirements. They have the product knowledge to be able to respond to customer questions on the spot, and can therefore engage in meaningful two-way conversations, ensuring that consumers are aware of all the features and benefits of the products or services on offer.

What makes the Human CommercialTM stand out?

The vast majority of marketing material we’re subjected to is impersonal. From TV ads to billboards and web-based promotions, generic advertising is now commonplace.

In stark contrast to this, the Human Commercial™ is about creating a personal connection with consumers. We believe that despite the advances in technology that have occurred over recent decades, people still respond best when they deal directly with other people. This idea is at the heart of our business and our brand.

When consumers interact with field representatives face to face, they have the reassurance that they are dealing with a fellow human being. They can ask any questions they have there and then without having to browse websites or contact automated call centres.

Skilled face-to-face sales specialists can provide people with all the information they need and help them to make informed, confident purchasing decisions. And by establishing a personal link between companies and consumers, they can create long-lasting connections. .

Could the Human CommercialTM benefit your organisation?

If your current marketing strategy isn’t yielding the results you need and you think you could benefit from creating a direct connection with potential customers, it’s well worth exploring the potential of the Human Commercial™. To find out if this approach could benefit your organisation, take a look around our website or contact our expert team.

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