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BLOG: Why face-to-face sales is an important part of the marketing mix

Many companies now have diverse marketing strategies in place that encompass a range of techniques. From email and social media campaigns to TV, radio and print ads, there are a host of promotional tactics available to companies.

One crucial part of this mix for many companies is face-to-face sales. Engaging with prospective customers in person can benefit businesses in a range of ways. Here are just some of the reasons why shrewd marketers are increasingly switching on to the benefits of face-to-face sales.

A great way to get noticed

An important benefit associated with this style of marketing is the fact that it is a simple-but-effective way to increase brand awareness. Companies can give their profile an instant boost by engaging with consumers in person and this approach can be particularly effective when it comes to launching a new business, product or service, or expanding to a different geographical area.

People tend to connect more closely with a businesses when they get to speak directly to the brand ambassadors who represent them, meaning face-to-face marketing can be an effective way to get your brand on consumers’ radars – and keep it there.

An opportunity to provide in-depth explanations

Face-to-face sales interactions also provide firms with the perfect opportunity to give potential customers in-depth explanations of their products or services. In mass print or TV messages, this level of detail often just isn’t possible.

The fact is, consumers aren’t always engaged and paying attention when watching TV or scanning advertisements. In contrast, when they are speaking to a brand ambassador in person, they tend to be much more receptive to information. These interactions also give people a chance to ask any questions they may have, helping to ensure they have all the facts they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Helping to build trust

Building consumer trust is a crucial aspect of brand management and face-to-face sales can play a major role in helping businesses to achieve this goal. When done well, the face-to-face approach helps to create a personal and lasting connection between your consumers and your business.

By speaking to people in an open, friendly and engaging way, and showing a genuine interest in their needs, skilled face-to-face sales specialists can help to build a rapport between the companies they represent and potential customers.

Cost effective

Put simply, face-to-face sales is highly cost effective. At Appco, we appreciate that our clients need to account for their bottom line and ensure a return on their investment. One of the major benefits of a face-to-face campaign is that you can gauge the success of every single customer conversation. Furthermore, to help ensure our clients get maximum value for money from the campaigns we run for them, we operate a performance-based payment model, which means our clients only pay for the results that we actually deliver.

If you’re not already taking advantage of this form of direct marketing and you think it could benefit your company, we encourage you to get in touch with our experts to find out more. You can also take a look around our website or check out Appco videos to get further insights into how our services work and how they may be able to help your organisation.

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