NEWS: Simon Pegg supports Alzheimer’s Research UK

Appco UK client Alzheimer’s Research UK has been given a boost of star power, with actor Simon Pegg appearing in a new video for the charity. The video, Dementia Uncovered, highlights the impact Alzheimer’s has on the brain and explains how further research into the disease could help slow or even stop the physical processes. […]

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BLOG: meet charity expert Isabel Montoya-Perez

It wasn’t long ago that Appco UK Client Relationship Manager Isabel Montoya-Perez was working for charities in Sydney, but earlier this year she packed her bags to move to London where she’s now working with charities instead of directly for them. Here, she tells us about how her international charity experience is proving to be […]

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BLOG: Appco UK on why age is not a barrier to success

Age is just a number, but it’s also something people tend to lean on as an excuse. You hear “when I’m older” and “if I were younger” so often in business that you could be fooled into thinking they’re genuine reasons for not taking action… Rest assured, they’re not.

Whether you’re 16 or 60, you can use your age to your advantage rather than

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BLOG: 5 inspiring failures

Failure might seem like a dirty word in business, but it’s pretty inevitable. For an entrepreneur – or anyone looking to progress their career – the chances of getting everything right first time, as you take that next big step, seize new opportunities and act on new ideas, is next to none. As Richard Branson […]

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